Hodhod Farsi TV Yahsat 1A 52.5° E New Frequency

Hodhod Farsi TV new frequency on Yahsat 1A 52.5° E

HodHod TV HODHOD TV is a kids channels with 3 languages (Arabic, English and Farsi) There are two versions of the channel – one launched in 2010 in Arabic/English and one launched in 2012 in Farsi

HodHod Farsi TV Programming

  • Story Island
  • HodHod News
  • Friendly Talk
  • Tree of Friendship
  • Jura & Juri
  • Happy Birthday
  • Quran Fact of the Day
  • Pocoyo
  • Blue’s Room
  • Loopdidoo
  • The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee
  • Bill and Ben
  • The Berestain Bears
  • Fix & Foxi and Friends
  • Harry and Toto
Yahsat 1A is a communications satellite constructed by EADS Astrium and Thales Alenia Space for Al Yah Satellite Communications Company. It was launched in April 2011 from Arianespace’s Guiana Space Centre in Kourou Fren
Hodhod Farsi TV New Frequncy
Channel NameHodhod Farsi TV
SatelliteYahSat-1A @52.5E
Frequency10887 V 27500
StanderdMPEG4/HD/FTA Started

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