AWRAAS TV New Frequency On HotBird-13C @13.0E

AWRAAS TV on HotBird-13C @13.0E

AWRAAS TV Satellite Channel is a public television channel that provides a variety of political, social, cultural and entertainment programs.
It is headquartered in the British capital, London.
The channel seeks to be the citizen’s voice in the Maghreb and the Arab and Islamic world by highlighting its issues and conveying the true image of its reality and aspirations and by opening the way for it to participate in all its programs through all available means of communication.
AWRAAS TV channel seeks to gain the confidence of viewers by its commitment to high professional standards and to investigate the accuracy of transport and to provide the opportunity for different opinions to map the features of the image in all its details.
AWRAAS TV New Frequency
Channel NameAWRAAS TV
SatelliteHotBird-13C @13.0E
Frequency12111 V 27500
SystemMPEG2/SD/FTA Started

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