TV Varzish New Biss Key 2020

TV Varzish new Biss keys Fix TV Channels

In this article, I will guide you, TV Varzish new Biss keys, you may have heard or experienced before this time that most of the users are facing this problem with their TV Dish like the channels become scrambled by the children or automatically.
Then you will search about this problem you will search that how to fix this problem Keys Biss Keys? and will guide you all how to enter biss keys, so moreover, be patient and follow the steps carefully. Above all, we have to know about TV Varzish.
These keys are for TV Varzish, But just, remember that through this article you will know or get information to solve that problem with these guidelines. To understand clearly you have to learn this article till the end, because we will guide you, in detail or by step by step. let’s get started before it’s too late.

TV Varzish new Biss keys

TV Varzish HD is Tajikistan’s national sports channel, however, it was first aired on 18 July 2012. this channel is a famous sports channel in Tajikistan and also in the Middle East and Central Asia.
This channel mainly airs sports programs such as Tajikistan’s national sports and festival, European Top 5 league( La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, Ligue 1) and also champions league. Overall TV Varzish offers you a complete sports package. however TV Varzish is not on cable, therefore, it is available on set up boxes and receivers. to know more follow TV Varzish new Biss keys.
  1. Tajikistan TV
  2. Safina
  3. Bahoristan
  4. Varzish TV
  5. Futbol
  6. Jahonamo
  7. Sinamo

 Frequency and Symbol Rate          

Channel NameTV Varzish 
Frequency 11785
Polarity H
Symbol Rate 27500
   So finally I will not make you wait too long, the following are New biss keys.

 Biss keys

  • Biss key             01 03 AB AF CD 20 16 03
If that does not work try to enter the others given below biss keys.
  • Biss key            0103 ABAE CD20 1603
  • Biss key           1234 0046 ABCD 0078
  • Biss key           1234 0046 ABCD 0077
How to enter Biss keys?
So whenever you found a new biss key for your specific channel then you have to enter the biss key. here is a step by step guide. go to your TV Varzish channel or any other scrambled channel which is not working. 
1. There are four colored buttons, Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue on the receiver’s remote control

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