Geo Super Live At Paksat-1R New Biss Key 2020

Geo Super New Biss Key Good Working Feed TP Code Frequency 2017

The Geo Super Lanch In late September, 2007, after great success of Geo TV, GEO Television Network launched Geo Super,the first ever Dubai based 24-hour sports channel of Pakistan. Geo Super broadcasts sports events, focusing mainly on cricket, with secondary focuses on football and field hockey. Geo Super as the name suggests, personifies everything that is ‘SUPER’ in the sporting world. From super players to super performances, from super tournaments to super thrills, the channel offers the highest caliber of sportsmanship in all sporting activities. GEO Super provides unlimited coverage of every sportsman, both on the ground, and off the ground. Shortly after its launch, Geo Super managed to secure the television rights of the ICC tournaments for the next five years covering all major cricketing events like ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Twenty20 World Cup, Faysal Bank T20 Cup and ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup.
Geo Super Live At Paksat-1R New Biss Key 2017
Geo Super Paksat-1R/38.E Freq: 4105 V 2310 SiD:000B & SiD:0011
New Biss Key: 30 84 10 F9 47 6B EC CC
New Biss Key: D2 99 65 DA 56 F4 A1 AD
New Biss Key: 10 6C F9 AD BC 5B 4F AA

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